Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What I really meant to say...

I had a post all typed up. It had my true feelings about yesterday's election in it. And I even posted it for a few minutes. And then I deleted it. Because I have never gotten into politics on this blog (a decision I made months ago) and I decided right now is not the time to start.

The election is over, today is a new day. The sun forced it's way through gray clouds for a few mintues this morning- it's still there. The kids made me laugh today when we were eating lunch. My daughter looked at fish in Wal-Mart with her grandpa this afternoon. I talked to my sister on the phone this morning. My little boy gave me a hug a few minutes ago as he left for the grocery store with his dad. The point is: life goes on. We make the best out of the situation we are given and we go on.

And we are thankful for what we do have in this temporary life.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. And isn't it great to have our faith, where whenever something like this happens, we can think that it's God's plan and who are we to loose sleep over it? ~Brita

Anonymous said...

We sure do have a lot to be thankful for and we just need to remember that it is temporary. We just need to keep our faith to attain that blessedness in Heaven. Life does go on no matter how scary it may seem, we know God will take care.