Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dashing though the Snow

Dashing through the house
In a very frenzied state
O’er the mess I go
Cringing all the way
Baby starts to cry
Supper starts to burn
Don’t know if I should laugh or cry
Or even be concerned

Oh, winter time, winter time
The kids are running wild
The snow falls down, all around
And I’m trying hard to smile
Winter time, winter time
Christmas will soon be here
Runny noses, missing boots
Almost brings me to tears

A day or two ago,
I thought we’d take a ride
It took us at least an hour
Just to get outside
The mittens, they were lost
One jacket wouldn’t zip
Soon everyone was crying
And I thought I might flip

Oh, winter time, winter time
The van was in a drift
Locks were frozen, hands were numb,
My thoughts began to shift
Count to ten, then count again
Not ready for this snow
The kids are yelling from the porch
They just want to go, OH!

Winter time, winter time
Love this time of year
Tell myself to just relax
As through the snow I steer
Oh, winter time, winter time
Another snowy morn
It’s just begun, another one
And I’m already worn.


Sharyn said...

I love it!!! It brought to mind this one that I'd forgotten from a couple years ago - must be something about the holidays that gets to us, hey?


Anonymous said...

Too true and too funny! I was singing along to your song and laughing at the same time! I'm the one that loves winter at our house...the better half would love to live by the equator. But even I am grumbling...there is not ONE pair of mittens that are together in this heap and the school kids won't wear mismatch. ~marn

Aleena said...

That's awesome!

Amy L said...

Thanks Sarah

Pete/Heidi said...

love your poem! :) Heidi

Becky Swykert said...

that is just too true! :)Becky

Anonymous said...

You have a talent for writing-I'm enjoying it! Jane

Karen AMH said...

:) Awesome Sarah!

Anonymous said...

You have a way with words!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!
PS Mega Kiitos for the cute things you sold me at the bazaar!! Love love them.