Friday, July 11, 2008


About two weeks ago, I came to the realization that Lydia had not entered the "Why?" stage yet. Hm, I thought, I wonder when that comes around. Literally the next day I told her something and she responded, "But, why?" And it hasn't stopped since.

"You put sugar in those berries?"
"So they'll be sweet."
"For shortcake."
"So... we can eat it."
"Because it's good!"
"But, why?"
"Um...? Because...There's sugar in them?"
"Oh... Why?"

Ahhh... Fun. What I want to know is this: When kids do whole why-thing, is it genuine curiosity or is it more of a game than anything? Hmmm... Feeling a little bored here... Let's go see what mom's up to. Ahh... Slicing berries. Okay, here goes. Let's see how far I can get her to go on the 'why?' game this time before she runs out of answers.

My vote is that it's more of a game than anything.

Have a happy weekend.

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