Thursday, July 17, 2008

Here we go...

Ah... The crazy part of the week is over, the chocolate cake is all gone. In my defense, I didn't eat it all myself- although if I hadn't had help, I probably could have. Ooookay. Moving right along, now.

I'm looking forward to the next few days: L & J are going to spend the night at Grandma & Grandpas and Saturday morning Ryan and I are running the canal run. Let me just step back and compliment my husband for a few seconds here. He's never been a runner. He played basketball in high school, but only started running at the begining of April of this year. At the time he began, he was running 60 seconds/walking for 90. Three months later- he's running ten miles- and looking forward to the run Saturday. He lowered his heart rate by 25 beats per minute! So... don't say you can't run because you're "not a runner." I have to say... he surprised me and I'm quite proud of him. And the bonus: he got me back to running. I haven't run since we got married (closing in on 5 years, here).

I used to run cross country in high school, but I thought those days were long gone. Three babies in three years, busy with school, I had my excuses all lined up, ready to fire them out like defense weapons. In my mind I was like, running? You had to get interested in running? Yah, it's good for you, blah, blah, blah. But... Can't we just walk? Whose in a hurry, here? Yet, I knew that if he was running I had to get off the comfy couch and join him- as much as I wanted to sit on said couch and shout as he strolled out the door, "Yeah, you have fun, now. Running. I'm going to just sit here. I'll just be here, sitting when you return." Turns out my excuses were rather lame. Turns out, the more he talked about it the more I was interested. Turns out it's a terrific stress reliever from my prior excuses.

So. Hopefully we make it. And just so you know: We're not speedy. All we're looking for is to finish the run. And get a t-shirt. Hey. I want proof, okay?


Anonymous said...

Sarah~ This is Karen's sister Heidi, I am running the canal run on saturday too! Just to finish it and like Ryan I have never been a runner so see you there!

Kelly said...

Good Luck! You are very inspiring.