Monday, July 28, 2008

Last night of class for the summer!

Today, shortly after breakfast, I found my daughter consuming a green fun dip. Her lips were green, her tongue was green, and green sugar was spilled on the counter, the table, and the front of her shirt. Always good to get that sugar high in at nine in the morning. Puts a nice twist on the day. As she's quickly munching away she asks me, "Is this healthy for me?" Yah-huh, ya think? After that she wanted "some of those things that I saw way up high on that shelf." Hmmm. However, as my kids were heading to Grandma's for the day, I had to refuse for Grandma's sanity. You see, anything "way up high on that shelf" is generally not low in sugar content. It's the place where I store sprinkles, and chocolate chips and (best of all) my dark chocolate collection. You know, all the good stuff.

Tonight I have two exams... but I couldn't be happier because after the exams- I am done for nearly a month! Done with summer classes, finally. Done with probably the busiest semester I've had or will have. And I heard this week is supposed to be beautiful so I'm prepared to enjoy it to the fullest. AND. dum-dum-dummmm. After tonight I'm officially over halfway done with the LPN program!! Two more semesters to go.

Okay. I must finish studying. Can't get too excited because it's not over yet.

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