Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tis the season

Ah, bug hunting. The kids have been avidly collecting creepy crawlies lately. One afternoon last week they came inside wondering if I had any bug houses for them.
Oh yes, I always keep a few of them on hand. 
{Well. Maybe not before, but we do now.}
So, we got out a few jars, chopped up an old screen (I knew I was saving that for something), and hot glued the screen to the ring part of the lid. And wa-lah: bug houses.

This guy was somewhat annoyed that his sister found an awesome 'cal-i-pitter' while he had to settle for a dorky little spider.
Not nearly as cool at all.
He quickly dumped it back out and we searched the parameter of the yard again for a caterpillar.
With each multi-legged insect they would scoop up, they'd come running to show me.
Mom, look!
And I'd instinctively back away.
Yeah. Uh-huh. Cool.

Later, Lydia decided Jack could have the caterpillar after all and they transferred it form her jar to his.
And then, later still, they decided to let it go so it could go back to it's real home.
She's looked for the caterpillar several times since.
Smart little fella is probably high-tailing it as far from this yard as he can get.

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