Thursday, May 6, 2010

For My Children

One day as my daughter was playing
With one of her very best friends
I overheard them talking
And I couldn’t help listening in

“Why isn’t your dad at work?”
Was the question that was asked
I quickly wanted to intervene
And smooth things over fast

But being four at the time,
My little girl was not at all phased
And she answered her friend so proudly,
“My Dad goes to school in the day!”

This is just one moment
Amidst a collection of memories I store
Answers to the times I questioned
What are we doing this for?

My children, I admit feeling guilty
For all the ramen noodle meals
And for the very early bedtimes
So some extra studying I could steal

Sometimes it felt impossible
Like one day as I backed out of the drive
And the little one stood in the window
Smiling and waving good-bye

That day was one of the overnights
For a clinical out of town
I wouldn’t return till the following day
Yet I just wanted to turn back around

In the moments I thought would break me a apart
You children carried me through
You weathered the bumps we had to take
Getting Dad and Mom through school

A little hand drew me a picture
Of a happily smiling family
I kept it in my notebook
And as promised it made me less lonely

Lydia, I’ll never forget when you said,
“When I go to school we can study together!”
My daughter, you’ll never know
How that comment made me feel better

Jack, one day I was so excited
To find school was canceled
And you, in turn were so disappointed
Because it meant you weren’t going to Grandma and Grandpa’s

You’ve all been such good travelers
On this journey we’ve been on
It’s been three years since it all began
And now, kiddos, we’re done

Hannah, you’re the one
Who always has hugs for me
Born during my first year back at school
You became my quiet reprieve

Adalie, my littlest one
You arrived when our lives were so busy
But holding you close I could let it all go
And everything seemed less crazy

So congratulations, my children
You made this easy to do
I know it’s been quite the adventure
And for that we’ll forever thank you


Aleena said...

Chills and tears...
Congrats Ryan and Sarah!

Juliana said...

awww... put a lump in my throat!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ryan and Sarah!! You brought tears to my eyes.


Anonymous said...

Sarah and Ryan I am so happy and excited for you guys! Congratulations! Your kids are going to be so lucky to look back and read these some day. Had me in tears and smiling!

Mary B. said...

This is precious, Sarah! Gramma was talking about it, so I decided to check it out. Congratulations on being done!

Cami said...

Congratulations on finising school! You both did it- great job! :) very cute poem by the and your kids will cherish those memories forever.