Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Backyard Swimming

Aware of the beautiful weather in the forecast for today, I cheerfully announced to the kids as they munched down their cereal, "Today we'll set up the kiddie pool!" to which I was met with a chorus of cheers.

So, once the wild animals were fed and watered, Er... Once the children's bellies were full and the diapers were changed, the baby was settled into her swing, and the monitor was set up next to her, the dash began. (Because when the baby sleeps, we're on the time clock)

 It all happened a bit like this:

Quick, get your swimsuits on!
Shh! Quietly so you don't wake the baby!
Can someone get me a swim diaper? 

Yes, Jack, for the seventeenth time we are going to set up the pool.
Just please... be patient. 

Has anyone seen the bottom to Hannah's suit?
What? When are we going out? When everyone is ready we will go out.
No, I don't know when that will be.
Why is your suit still not on?
No we are not having snacks now- do you want to go or don't you?!
Are we finally ready?
Okay. Everyone out.
Quietly! let's go.

So out we trooped into the backyard, lugging the two dollar and fifty cent inflatable bargain bin pool I'd picked up last fall from Wal~Mart. I clicked on the monitor and stood it on the steps while a debate began over where to set up the pool. Finally with the ideal location determined, the rest of the pool was inflated, the hose was turned on, and pool began to fill. A quick toe-test and they all declared the water was freezing and pleeeeeease, could I just dump in one bucket of hot water? So back in I went to run some hot water in a bucket and peek at the baby who was still peacefully asleep while the lullabies humming on her swing droned on.

Back outside, I dumped in the hot water and all was right again with the kids' world. And then I realized we'd forgotten about sunscreen so back in I went shouting my warnings to stay out of the water till I returned. Baby was still asleep, sunscreen was located and slathered on little noses and backs. I retrieved my lounge chair from the back porch, settled in, kicked my feet up and breathed. Ahhh, I thought, how nice to just relax for a bit.

So the kids splashed and squealed, I picked up my book, slid my sunglasses over my eyes, and flipped open to the dog-eared page where I'd left off.

And over the monitor came the cries of the baby whose nap was now over and whose belly was once again empty.

We might try again this afternoon. I might have to work up my courage first.

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Aleena said...

Love your banner! And your post is all too true...I better go read my book before everyone wakes up, and before it's time to start supper! ;)