Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monday Rambles

I can finally breathe in this house.

Usually I resist the window air conditioner window unit for as long as possible (and then I always wonder after why I did.) I'm just stubborn like that and I like to pretend I'm all tough and can handle the heat without the AC. After all, we typically don't have many days up here that we actually need it anyways. (I think I always fear that if we can just flip on the air we won't be as likely to head out to the lake. But with a little baby in the house... The lake is not always a possibility).

Tonight I practically begged my hubby to go fetch it out of the basement and put it in the living room window to which he gladly obliged. And ahhh... What a difference it makes. I can actually breathe. I can actually hold the baby without feeling little trails of sweat racing down my forehead.

On another completely random note: does anyone have any sandals that they absolutely love? I'm looking for recommendations for a good, supportive pair of sandals comfortable enough to wear daily. I'm a shoes person- I don't like walking around the house barefoot- makes my feet ache. But in the warmer months I struggle. Shoes are too warm and confining, yet no shoes is uncomfortable. Any suggestions for a good pair of sandals?

And- since it appears this is a rambling post I'll ramble a bit more- we broke a new record today: We made it to the camp for the 3rd time before Memorial Day! Not sure we were there 3 times before the Fourth of July last year!

Hello, summer!


Sharyn said...

I'm pretty much like you when it comes to turning on the ac. In my case I think it's a bit of what you said combined with a bit of claustrophobia that puts me off. I HATE shutting the windows.

As far as shoes - I'm looking for some too. I'm also a shoe during the day person and I'm wearing my tennies right now. I asked the same question, and a lot of ladies will tell you they wear Keens and love them. So I have some. THEY HURT LIKE THE DICKENS. I must have a wonky foot. They are great though because they can get wet, so you can walk those rocky Lake Superior shores and keep them on to go right into the water.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the info on the Keens, Sharyn... I think when I eventually do decide (probably in 2015 because I waiver on decisions like this a painfully long time) I'll have to order from a site that has free return shipping because I'm worried about the fit. And I'm not sure many/if any places around here carry a variety of sandals!

Sharyn said...

I thought they had a nice selection at that newly remodeled because of the fire store in Houghton. (See how I cover for my poor memory for names)

And Keens might work for you - they are supposedly a good shoe. I just have a funny foot.

Sarah said...

Didn't even realize they were open again. That's how much I pay attention!

Anonymous said...

hi sarah- i've never commented on your blog before...but why not now when I have a great suggestion for sandals...the $15 nike flip-flops for women...they are amazingly comfortable and lightweight And let me share with you; Leah hiked all over Europe wearing this particular pair! I have a pair of keens, which are comfortable, but for me- they are not breathable enough; therefore making the nike's the best :) And by the way- I enjoy reading your blog :)
Mary Pennala

Sarah said...

Hey, Mary, nice to hear from you! Thanks for the suggestion- definetly a cheaper option. And I'm always all for that. : )

Megan Lorraine said...

My mom lived in her birkenstoks ( I probably totally spelled that wrong) all summer, and loved them so much she just added socks in the winter. :) I don't know about the price of them though. They may be on the pricier end, but they last for ever. I haven't had any that I like yet, so if you find any let me know. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah- I LOVE my keens. Can do anything in them. Downwind Sports/Surplus Outlet both carry awesome sandals. Chaco's are rated excellent for arch support and comfort! Good Luck!

Jill Tervo

Anna said...

I love barefootedness, but with chickens...it makes for careful barefoot steppin'. I have a pair of keens and really like them. A lot.