Thursday, May 13, 2010

Four Years Old

Today my son turns four. So much has changed for him in the past year- he's grown up so much and has leaped from a toddler straight into boyhood. Amidst all the ruffles and pink in our house I'm so thankful for this guy who leaves his trucks lined up on the kitchen floor and his tools on the couch cushions. At four years old he's debating- when he grows up he could be a working guy... or maybe a mailman... or maybe a hockey player. He's not quite sure just yet.
His smile never fails to make me grin, his innocent sayings crack me up. Just the other day when the baby was crying he said to me, "But Mom! There's not even water squirting from her eyes!" Jack, you make us laugh.
At four he's persistent and stubborn and knows what he wants. He knows what bugs his sisters and teases them with a mischief glinting in his eyes. He loves his sports- always on the lookout for someone to play hockey or catch with him. He loves cars and racetracks (and has requested a racetrack cake) and he can't stop thinking about just what might be wrapped inside his presents. (We're having his party tomorrow night).
So my little boy- may this next year be filled with frogs to catch and trails to explore, wishes to make and dreams to come true. Happy fourth birthday, Jack! Now, let's have that party already!

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Megan Lorraine said...

Four already! Happy Birthday Jack! May it live up to your expectations little man!