Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trip to the library + kids = serious time frame that should not be messed with

So, I had been looking for good reads the other day- trying to drum up some response on FB, and got some good replies. Unfortunately my trip to the library was made before the responses came so I have yet to look for any of them.

What I did encounter at the library was a tired-out baby who was in bad need of a nap by the time story hour was through. So there I was, scanning the books in the new fiction section as fast as I could desperately hoping for one of my old faithful favorite authors to jump off the shelf at me while Hannah was squirming in my arms trying to tear through the books I was holding... Because the other two decided today that I had the honors of carrying their choices through the library. Last time I couldn't pry them out of Jack's hands longer than it took to get them up on the counter and scanned without him throwing a fit.

Anyways, it didn't take more than a minute or two for Hannah to decide enough was enough. Her selfish mother was trying to look at books for herself while being oblivious to the impending needs of her child. How dare she! I obviously wasn't getting the message that she needed to leave, like, ten minutes ago so she began to scream causing me to grab the first book that happened to be sitting in my line of vision at the moment. She screamed unrelentlessly, I raced to the desk to check out the books (flustering the poor high school boy that was working behind the desk, I think), and we left.

Well. Finally got around to opening the book today and I'm kind of disappointed. Not too impressed with the author's style of writing- or the story itself for that matter. I do have to commend her on choosing red for a cover, however, because it obviously caught my attention quickly.

Speaking of red- I found a red toaster oven at the L girls' garage sale and I'm already enjoying it! And not just because it's red either (although that does have a huge positive going for it.) I told my sister I'm turning into my sisters after all. Red is just so... alive.

Still- back to the whole library mishap- I think from now on I bring the kids to story hour and then return at a completely different time sans kids to browse at my leisure. Oooh. And then drive down to the water and start reading it after I purchase a 25 cent coffee from the BP. Now, that sounds luxurious. My idea of a five star mini vacation.

But I will just settle for going to the library alone. Can't get too carried away, after all.


Megan Lorraine said...

I loved going to the library down here. They have an awesome kids section downstairs where they can play and run to their delight. We usually meet up w/ a few others, so there is alwayss someone to watch the kis if you want to sneak upstairs to get yourself some reading material. Better luck finding a good book next time!

Karen AMH said...

Give me a call sometime, I'll stop by and watch the kids so you can have some quality time finding a quality book! I'm all about finding the next good author (I'll settle for the next good book), and I know how disappointing it is to open up a book and be unsatisfied...

Sarah said...

Karen, I just might have to take you up on that sometime...! : ) I did skim through the book and I'm so glad I didn't waste my time reading it- it went from bad to worse by the looks of things!

Anonymous said...

at least the book was red and looked good sitting on the end table. red is definitely a #1 color here too! and sitting by the lake with a cheap coffee and good book is the perfect thing to do on my next day off...if it's not as cold and windy as it was today at the camp. thanks for the idea. ~marne