Monday, April 27, 2009

Where did April go?

So, I see it's been awhile. I've been preoccupied with the end of the school year. And chasing around my one-year old who has suddenly morphed into a calloused-knees, babbling, cupboard-emptying, busy-body.

She never stops. Up at seven, bouncing in her crib, ready to go.

Therefore, I've decided to forgo house cleaning until further notice. It's no use. And you think I'm kidding. I organize the cupboard, she dumps cereal all over the floor. I fold the clean clothes, she throws them in the bathtub (while the other two are taking a bath). I mop the floor, she reaches up on the table and finds a cup of fruit punch that someone left sitting too close to the edge. She's constantly beelining for the bathroom and I'm constantly digging hairbrushes, combs, and barrettes out of the toilet while yelling, "This door HAS to stay closed!"

I know you've all seen one-year olds before... but this one... the one I had pegged to be laid-back and easy-going... hah. She's reminding me never to think that again- no matter how sweet and innocent they appear in the early months. Laid-back. Pshaw. What's that again?

Anyways. Other than that... I'm ready to find some good books, or get into a good sewing project, and let the tornado swirl around me. And hoping for warm weather so I can park my lawn chair in the sun in the backyard.

Oh- funny thing. We have a fence around our yard and a rowdy group of neighbor kids in the house behind ours. Our kids like to stand on the back steps to see what those kids (who are a bit older than mine) are doing- and then copy them. For example- today two of them were playing baseball so Lydia finds a busted ice scraper and starts using that as her bat.

Well, the other day Ryan poked his head in the door and suggested I look out the window. One of the neighbor kids was using a garbage bag for a parachute and jumping off their garage roof. And all I could do was wonder how long it will be before my own kids are falling off the porch steps in a heap of broken bones with garbage bags around their heads.

So, are you garage saling? Finding deals? I've been out a couple times but haven't found much yet. More on that later, though... This is getting lengthy. Starts to happen when I forget to post for awhile. I'm impressed if you're still reading.

Okay, that's all.


Jen H. said...

I can relate. My best baby was not my best is a give and take I guess!

Anonymous said...

Hey! We're having a garage sale. At my house. On Friday(p.m.) and Saturday(a.m.) but let me know if you want to come tonight.

Karen AMH said...

I'm still reading... :) I was wondering where you were. It's been too long! Hope the end of the semester is going well!

Becky said...

yay for garage sales....I went to Kelly's today, it was good :)