Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday morning tantrums...

In our house we only have one of everything. One couch cushion, one book, one doll, one cup, one chair, one pillow, one blanket... At least I'm pretty sure this is the way my kids see it in moments like this.

I'm sitting here with a free ticket to front row seats at a pretty good brawl. It involves two kids, a couch cushion and a Berenstein Bears book... And I'm trying to stay out of it because I know right now they're viewing our living room as that one single couch cushion and one well-loved book.

I won't point out that there's two thirds of the couch not being used.
I won't let them in on the secret that there's an entire "little couch" (as they call it) that's completely empty.
I won't tell them to stop screaming or fighting or yelling. Or kicking.
Or throwing a fit.
I won't remind them that there's an entire cupboard full of books.
Or, if they keep fighting over that book it's bound to get ripped.
I won't suggest perhaps, that we get rid of the books if they can't share.
I won't step in, I won't step in, I won't...
I... should probably tell Jack that Lydia left about 30 seconds ago so he can stop screaming at her now.

Wait, part two.
She's coming back downstairs.
I have to get some more coffee, this is going to be good.


Megan Lorraine said...

you mean you only have one of everything at your house too? I thought we were the only one! huh. whaddaya know. :)

Amy L said...

hahahaha!! Add a few more years and the brawls get a bit bigger. I am waiting to see what it looks like when they are 12, 10, and 9. Should make life interesting.

Andrea said...

yeah - and i have 3 extras here today. rodney has 2 trains (12 or so separate pieces), and he can't seem to share HIS train! he can't possibly hold all of the pieces at once, but he's giving it a good try. i have an extra front row seat for you here - since i would hope your brawl is over after this time...