Friday, February 27, 2009

Girls and their dollies

Oh, I love listening to these four year old girls visiting and playing together over here. Today is my babysitting day- the day of the week that Lydia looks forward to from Friday night till the following Friday morning.

The conversation I'm listening to right now is going something like this:

"Hey kid. Bring this microwave in the car. Her cheese it getting cold."
"My name is Mecky and you're Gen. Are you ready yet, kid?"
"I'm not a kid. I'm a mom."
"I'm a dad."
"Boys are dads, not girls. Can girls be dads? Like, not pretendin' dads, but for real dads?"
"That's okay if her cheese gets cold."
"Let's go to the doctors."
"What hurts?"
"Then why did you come here? Go back."

Ah, I love it. Reminds me of so many times when we were kids and we'd turn over the entire living room with our doll stuff. I was a big-time doll player when I was a kid. In fact, this past Christmas I'm not sure who was more exicted when Lydia opened her twin dolls- me or her. I'm just so glad she gets her cousin over here once a week to play dolls with her- so much more fun with a friend!

Happy Friday!

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Karen AMH said...

Sounds like a fun time at your house :)

I'm sad I missed out the other night... next time for sure!