Monday, February 23, 2009

Teething, terrible Drivers, and post-trip tornados

Well, after a whirlwind weekend trip to visit that new nephew of mine we returned back to the reality that Mondays always bring. Wouldn't have minded staying away for a few more days but it wouldn't have worked out. It was a quick, but fun time- except for the fact that Hannah decided she wasn't going to sleep. Anywhere- not in the crib, not in my bed, not in my arms. Mildly related to the fact that she was working on popping another tooth through (that still hasn't come.)

Had an interesting situation with a careless, useless driver on the way there. There I was, minding my own business, cautiously driving along over icy covered roads- commenting how much I dislike driving through snow- when I noticed a crazy person flying in a little rusty car down a side road towards the highway. (I don't have anything against rusty cars- just rusty drivers- this just applied to this person in both ways). As soon as I saw him I knew he wasn't stopping, but there was hardly time to process that thought when suddenly there he was, sliding out onto the highway in front of me as I braked to avoid hitting him. There was a semi behind me that nearly came right through my back window- I'm still not sure how he didn't- but I swerved off to the side of the road as soon as I looked in the rear view mirror and saw him barreling towards me. Then- the guy in the car that caused the whole scenario- (who- did I mention was driving a car with a smashed in headlight/front end?)- has the nerve to pass me and throw his hands up in the air in a "What-is-your-problem?" gesture. Ooooooh.... Why, oh why are these people allowed to drive? I think it should be required to take a road test in the middle of winter when you live in this land of the never-ending snow.

Ah, anyways. At least nothing major happened. It was all okay. Just got me a little wound up. My poor niece that was riding with me probably was thinking she'd never catch a ride with me again between that and catering to my kids every three and half seconds.

Aside from that it was a good time- so glad I got to see that new little guy (he's so awesome)! And it now looks like a tornado ripped through my house as we we lugged our sleep-deprived selves into the house last night and dumped everything in one massive pile in the middle of the entrance. The pile has morphed. Dirty-clothes-and-sticky-juice-cup-amoeba.

All I know is my coffee supply is running dangerously low. As in the scoop-is-scraping-the-bottom-low. Ugh.


Anna said...

What fun to see the new little guy! I agree that winter road driving takes a certain talent, and some people just don't seem to have it. Scary at times. May you find the bottom of the amoeba before the bottom of the coffee:)

Just to let you know, lately your background hasn't been showing up, and the light text is hard to read against white...might just be my computer though!

Anonymous said...

It must be just your computer, Anna. Fine here. I got a good chuckle out of the dirty clothes juice cup pile. Totally. Isn't it amazing that we continue to go on trips with kids? You'd think we'd learn after 1 trip. ~Brita

Anna said...

It seems sporadic, because today everything shows up fine:) The mystery of computers...