Monday, January 4, 2010

What Mondays were meant for

What a way to start off the first week of the New Year! Ryan finally had a day off of work so we overhauled our house trying to get it clean and (somewhat) organized before the new semester begins next week. I'm still amazed at just how much can get accomplished in a day!

Ryan defrosted the freezer in the basement and scrubbed it out so tomorrow we're planning to put together as many meals as we can fit in there to make that daily task easier after the baby is born. For a little while anyways. I'm lucky that Ryan likes to cook- so I'll let him take care of most of that while I make some loaves of bread and some jam from all the berries that were hiding in the depths of the freezer.

Why is it that it always seems it's the impending birth of a new baby that makes us kick into action around here? Seriously, besides right before the birth of my other children the only other time I cleaned my house this well is when I was hosting a shower here. A little bit more of this cleaning-frenzy would be nice a few times a year anyways.

It doesn't hurt that I've got a lot of nerves firing around inside of me right now due to school. I know once this semester begins, things will fall into place but right now I can't help wondering how everything is going to work out. In other words, now might be a bad time to ask, but, uh... What have I gotten myself into?! I just have to keep reminding myself: what is meant to be will be. And if it's all meant to work out, it will.

Four months. Four short months left in this crazy journey through school. So apprently scrubbing my house from top to bottom and sewing baby stuff like I'll never touch my machine again is how I deal with the nerves.

I'm going a bit crazy- what else is new?

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