Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This Zoo is a Place

So the excellent plan of getting masses of meals put together today crumpled when Ryan got called in to work. And he got called in for tomorrow to, so we're on hold. I refuse to do it all myself. Hey. It was his idea, after all! His hours are unpredictable, but I'm always so thankful he has a job!

I did manage to get some strawberry and blueberry jam made this afternoon- a project that somehow slipped into the evening hours and managed to leave me with three overly rambunctious kids. Eep. The noise level in this house has risen steadily since about 4 p.m. and being the tired mom that I keep glancing at the clock wondering if it's time to tuck them into their beds yet.

Jack & Lydia are running around the house finding "great hiding spots" to hide from Hannah. And the funny thing is- Hannah's just got her own plan going on and could care less about finding her siblings. In fact, I'm quite sure that she doesn't have a clue she's apparently supposed to be seeking out the other two. Yet every few seconds I hear shrieks of, "She's gonnna find us! Come on! Let's go find a secret hiding spot so she can't find us!" Brilliant. You can't lose at this game.

Speaking of games- the kids got a few for Christmas and we've been playing them a bit. I love the simplicity and short time frame of games that have colors rather than numbers on the dice and approximately two rules to follow.

Uhh. Uh-oh. The kids have now moved on and are declaring themselves "Tiggers". They bounce on their tails, Lydia says, Watch me. I'll bounce on my tail, as she poses at the edge of the couch. This might end dangerously. Okay, somehow she landed on her head but bounced up saying, "I'm okay! I'm okay! I'm like a real tigger!"

Next up, it's Jack. His landing wasn't quite as happy as he landed on a little fence for his farm set. And as he held his foot in pain I couldn't resist another teaching moment from the school of Mom- That's what happens when you don't pick up your toys. And the lesson once again falls upon deaf ears as he looks at me oddly and hops back up on the couch.

Now here comes Hannah over the back of the couch. Who traded these kids in for a gang of wild monkeys while I wasn't looking? Perhaps a bit more startling and mysterious- how is it that no one has broken a bone yet today? Excuse me while I knock on wood.

Guess what kids. Bedtime is coming early tonight. (There is a bonus to dark winter evenings after all- they never quite know exactly when their bedtime is... As soon as it's dark they declare it must be 'middle of the night'. I fear this isn't going to work for too many more years.)

Yes, yes, I hear you. I AM appreciating these days.

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