Sunday, January 10, 2010

Here we go...

So. Tomorrow is the begining of the last semester for us. I hate the thought of this break ending, but I'm ready. I think. Even though for the past week I've been going through bouts of dread and anticipation. And fear and excitement. And nervousness that keeps me up at night and... Okay, you get the idea.

The baby clothes are washed, the house is cleaned (well. kind of.), several meals have been cooked and frozen, jam is made, loaves of bread are in the freezer, the sewing machine has been humming along almost nightly since right after Christmas...

Now, three busy weeks and January will be gone before I even have time to register that it was ever really here at all. At least these three weeks should be the busiest weeks until the final three weeks of the semester. And by then the end will be so close I'm not sure I'll really care how busy things might get.

So ready to be done with this. I've been a student waaaay too long, now and I'm ready to get this semester over.

Ready now.
Let the craziness begin.


Karen AMH said...

Good luck Sarah (and Ryan)!! You can do it :)

Mari said...

I didn't know you had a blog either! Good luck with the school.