Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Readying for the next big event...

Three little noses are pressed to the window this morning watching the entertainment next door. The man who plows our neighbor's driveway apparently backed his truck into the snowbank and buried his back tires and another truck has been spinning his tires trying to pull him out for the past fifteen minutes or so. So of course when I spotted this scenario you know I called out, "Hey kids! Come look at this!" You can't buy this type of entertainment, folks.

I wonder if the men milling around outside appreciate their cheering section at all- Wahoo! He's gettin' out! Yeeeaaah! come the enthusiastic cries from my kids who are perched on the back of the couch.

Moments later... Okay, that did not end well. At some point, Hannah left the viewing stand and got into Jack's new markers that were left on the kitchen table- to which of course he flipped out and pulled her of the bench. Now Hannah's sporting a bobbed lip, the plow guy is gone, and a new war is brewing over whose candy Hannah just found on the kitchen counter. Ahh... The peaceful week that follows Christmas day is pure bliss, I tell you.

Quite truthfully it has been a fun few days. My sister and her family are in town which means lots of time speant drinking coffee, visiting, and- for the kids- endless opportunities to play with cousins.

I undecorated the tree yesterday to discover the top is nothing more than some scraggly sticks, and even the mere act of breathing within a two foot radius of the beast causes a rainshower of pine needles. The crispy brances at the bottom are as wide as an elephant, though, so I'm waiting for my husband to clip some limbs off before we attempt to haul the thing out.

I never take my tree down this early- I ususaly like to leave it up for this week after Christmas but this year I suddenly have the pressing desire to clear out December and move on to 2010. Slight nesting instinct is beginning to kick into full gear over here. Approximately six weeks to go combined with my fears of going three weeks early again have me on a sudden time crunch to ready this place for a new baby. Wait a minute. Let me digest that please. Three weeks?! I know it's not likely that I'll go that early again but... I was so unprepared last time, I feel like I have to be ready by that point this time.

Woah. Didn't realize myself I was narrowing in that closely on the final stretch until I typed it. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Please excuse me while I go hyperventilate.

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Aleena said...

I took my tree down already too, which was very unlike me, I blamed nesting too! Good luck as you near the end!