Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas program

After going to the Sunday school Christmas program this evening and hearing all those sweet little voices telling the Christmas story, I feel like Christmas has truly settled in my heart. The presents are (mostly) wrapped, the baking is done, the tree has been up for some time... But it isn't until I hear those Christmas peices and listen to all the children singing of the very first Christmas day that I finally feel like it's Christmas. I tried to tell the kids, this is what Christmas is really about as we were on our way to the program.

The day we went to visit Santa, I was warmed by Lydia's words as we were on our way to see the jolly old elf himself. We were walking in the door and she slipped her hand in mine and said, I know why we really have Christmas- it's because it's Jesus' birthday. Yes, sweetie, you are exactly right. Amidst all the other excitement that goes on with Christmas I'm so glad they can realize that is the true reason we celebrate.

So as the countdown blazes on- five days to go!- I'm feeling quite peaceful. The next few days promise to be busy (and I gauruntee you this peace will slip away more than once- probably only to be relocated in the box of truffles keeping cold in the front porch). Yet, I'm looking forward to all the Christmas parties and seeing family and friends. And of course, the excitement in my children's eyes on Christmas morning.

I hope you too are able to find some peaceful moments this week- and enjoy the sights and sounds and whispers of Christmas swirling around you!

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Brita said...

Well said, Sarah. Merry Christmas to you!