Friday, October 10, 2008

There's a storm brewing inside this house

It's one of those mornings...
You know. The type of morning where the kids cannot. stop. fighting. A pull-your-hair-out-why-are-you-acting-like-this-type of morning. The type of morning where suddenly the two year-old needs your help getting up on the couch and the three-soon-to-be-four year old forgets how to put on her pants without whining. It's one of those days where suddenly everything they've been doing independently for past year or so is temporarilly forgotten- resulting in their tears and frustration and this feeling of an odd little bubble rising up inside of me threatening to burst through.

"MOM! I need a pencil!!"
"Jack, get outta my way!"
"Ooowwwww! STOP it!"
"That's MINE!"
"Mom, I wanna do the Berenstein Bears coloring thing. I said I wanna. Why can't I? I wannnnnaa!"

Well. I wanna go back to sleep. I wanna have my house magically clean itself. I wanna have five minutes to sit and not listen to whining. Let's all join in together, shall we? It sounds much better if we all contribute to the tune.

Oh, today is predictable. It's gray and cloudy outside- looking like rain again. And, I hate to sound so eyeore-ish but the mood hanging inside this house is darker than the skies. It's one of those mornings where coffee doesn't cut it, bribery isn't working, and the only thing that might make it better is curling back up under the blankets and getting some more shut-eye. Only... that is no longer an option.

There is one other option that runs a close second. It's top on my list of true confessions from a real slacker mom: find a good book, tune out the chaos, and hope the storm blows over by noon.

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Anonymous said...

We have those kinds of days here too! It is when I wish to have a rock to hide under till it blows over. The book thing does help a little. :)