Thursday, October 23, 2008

And so on, and so forth

  • The plan was to wake up early.
  • Like 6 a.m. early so I could get a start on all the things I need to get accomplished today.
  • Before the kids woke up
  • (I'm going with my sisters & mom & some neices on our anual weekend tomorrow.)
  • The plan (to wake up early, that is) fizzled
  • It's now 9:25 and I've managed to a) wake up b) feed two of the kids and c) plop myself into this chair to drink some coffee.
  • Oops
  • What about that third kid, you ask?
  • I'm not really sure to tell you the truth
  • Moving right along, now...
  • In other news: we have punk-men at our house (formerly known as pumpkins)
  • I'm not correcting the pronunciation- I'll do that next year.
  • For now it just makes me laugh everytime she says it: Are we going to the same punk-man patch we went to last year? Mom, I want this punk-man... MOM! Jack broke my punk-man!!
  • Oops
  • Any tips on re-attaching a stem to the top of a punk-man?
  • I'm feeling slightly guilty that I'm escaping for another weekend in less than a month's time.
  • Okay, okay. Not really.
  • Just thought I should put that in there to make it sound like I'm nicer than I am.
  • I'm little kid-giddy right now to see my sister & nieces tomorrow
  • And... Moving right back to that to-do list...
  • Right after I get that third kid some breakfast
  • And then, right after another cup of coffee
  • Why, oh, why am I always talking about going to get another cup of coffee?
  • I never fail to mention it.
  • It's like I can't live without it or something
  • Hah.


Megan Lorraine said...

enjoy your weekend!

Sarah said...

Thanks! : )

Anonymous said...

tell that sister I said HI! and don't forget to have fun! :) ~marne

Anonymous said...

Hope you are having a wonderful time!!! We moms have to enjoy the breaks we get cuz you never know what is around the bend.
(Me and my sisters usually go in the spring... it sure is special memories.)

Amy Isaacson said...

Super-glue worked for me, in regards to the pumpkin stem. :o)