Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Make-believe fights and Sleepless Nights

Today is about cleaning corners. It has come to my recent attention that this house has been in neglect for far too long. The pile on top of the piano is looking so dangerous I forbid the kids to play within a three foot radius in the event everything should decide to come tumbling down like a landslide. Similar situations have arisen around the house. So, alas, I cannot put this off any longer.

But, wait. Hold that thought. There seems to be some excitement coming from the other end of the living room. It appears as though the argument is about who should go let the imaginary friend in the door. Lydia's trying to convince Jack, "Please, will you go open the door for my friend?" And Jack is holding his ground, shaking his head, slugging his juice. Finally she gets up to go "answer the door" and determines, "Oh, she already came in." I think sometimes they invent arguments just to confuse me. It's all part of a plot, I'm sure of it.

Happily, the baby is back to herself this morning. It took her three days to recover from the wild weekend. I think she needs to learn a thing or two about girl's weekends. See, she was under the impression that she needed to stay awake for the entire thing. Even the nights. I tried to inform her we needed to recharge our batteries so we could make the most out of the daylight hours but she seemed a bit confused. She also decided it would be a fine time to be shy when there were seven other pairs of arms willing to hold her. I'm curious if there was a conversation that took place between her & her dad before we left. I imagine it had something to do with tiring mom out so that she had no energy left to spend money. Or something. Just speculating, that's all.

But, here it is- quarter to eleven already. L & J have retreated upstairs, slammed the door to her room, and become suspiciously quiet. I'm weighing my options: go check and risk disrupting the peace? Or pretend I don't notice and then kick myself later when I find they've unrolled toilet paper all over the room and are proceeding to color themselves with markers? Ah, decisions. In true slacker-mom style: I'll chose the later. For a few more minutes of peace and quiet.


Juliana said...

Please keep writing...It makes me feel like I'm not so alone, living in a circus. etertaining. Yes we'll definately have to get them together.

Karen AMH said...

I've been thinking about you -- jealous about your weekend away and trying to come up with a night we can get together (soon!)