Thursday, October 9, 2008

I promised I would let you know...

...And even though I'm slightly embarassed to admit it... I've been listening to Christmas music. Once and awhile. I won't go through my disclaimer about why I pull it out so early again. I'll just sheepishly admit that I do. There. Now you know.

The funny thing is: I'm not a fan of winter. By any means. And, I think this house is in agreement on that one. I mentioned something about winter this morning and Lydia said, "NO! Don't say that!" as she ran off into the other room. At three-going-on-four it's pretty easy to be in I'm-going-to-run-away-and-not-listen-and-then-it-won't-be-real-denial. I'm going to join her on the whole winter-idea, I think.

But.. Is anyone else in disbelief that it's Thursday? How could this week go by so fast? I'm really baffled on that one because Monday through Wednesday are just a blur in my mind. I know that I studied. Every. Single. Spare. Minute. For the type of test that leaves you wondering if you had the material right. But, after this week the semester is at it's halfway point. There's a motivating thought.

So that brings me to today. I woke up this morning and thought "Nooo... Can't be Thursday already." It was that same feeling you get when you're driving somewhere and you get there and think, "Yikes. I don't really remember the ride here. Scary." And that's how I feel about this week. As I look around my hosue, I know for sure that nothing got accomplished in those days. The dirty laundry is making a tell-tale trail through the house and I don't recall making supper or if we even ate for the last three days. Yikes.

Such is life: laugh about it or cry about, it still goes on.


Emily said...

I'm glad to hear it's legal to listen to Christmas music now. I thought people might think I'm crazy when I thought about pulling out my Christmas tunes the other day...but who cares if I'm the only one who will hear it? My mom and I bought some Christmas ornaments at Kohls today, so we're getting ready!

Sarah said...

See, I knew I wasn't alone on this. Must run in the family. :)