Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm not someone who likes too much planning...

Ah, such fun to jump right into a brand new, um, schedule. Ha. Today was somewhat of a crazy day as the fall semster started up and Ryan & I began classes. Hm. Now, there's a sentence I would have never thought I'd utter a few years ago. Clinicals began and once again my class was somewhat thrown into the whole experience. Once again I questioned why I was doing this. And yes, once again, I reminded myself it's too late to back out now. I'm still trying to become convinced of that fact.

In some respects, it will be nice to get back into a... ahem... okay, I'm just going to say this... a schedule. As you may or may not have gathered... I rather despise that word and try to use it as little as possible. Schedule? All I can think of is plans and set times and requirements. And those words do nothing but increase stress levels as far as I'm concerned. I love my to-do lists dearly... but actually scheduling things for a set moment and time? I'd rather leave that to the experts, thank-you very much. But, yes, I will humbly admit that I am ready to get on with it.


The kids are tired and crabby from running to the camp everynight, and I'm cranky that my house is burried in dirty dishes, stacks of laundry, and unopened mail teetering off the table by the door. So, that's it. I'm putting my foot down. Bedtime is moving back up to 8 p.m. (for them, not me!) and I'm once again setting my alarm instead of sleeping in until they wake. And I think I'll go buy a planner tomorrow.

Oh, wow. Seriously. I don't even know who I am anymore.

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