Friday, August 8, 2008

Beautiful Moments

Tonight as I was sitting in the living room, I noticed rain had begun to fall outside even though the sky was quite bright and rays of sunshine were still peaking through the clouds. I went out on the back steps and saw the faint beginings of a rainbow tracing it's way across the sky so I called Lydia out to come and look at it. (Jack was already in bed.)

When she saw the rainbow glowing brighter and brighter in a perfect arc above us, her eyes became so big and round. She remarked, "I never saw a rainbow in my whole life!" and I was suddenly so glad I had let her stay up later than her little brother and sister tonight. Such a sweet moment!

This picture hardly does justice to how pretty it really was. We're surrounded by houses and telephone wires and... well... taking pictures that aren't obscured by all of this is virtually impossible. Oh well.

So glad it's the weekend! Hope yours is a good one.

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