Thursday, August 7, 2008

18 Days to go

Not like I'm already counting down... But I can't help realizing that August 25th is quickly approaching. And that makes me nervous. I'm already hearing people saying how it's kind of nice knowing fall is coming and how it's always good to be getting back to schedules. Not me. Nope. Not even a little tiny bit. My palms start sweating, my heart picks up it's pace, and I start to feel like it's not so easy to breathe. Just a little mild anxiety setting in. Minor.

August 25th in this house means... the start of the fall semester. Ryan starts school full time. I start my clinicals that day. Just thinking about it, a fine layer of sweat pops out over my forehead. AHH! What in the world have we gotten ourselves into?? Oh, and just as a side note: I would not reccomend going to nursing school at the same time as your spouse. You tend to run into all kinds of issues. Like... oh, I don't know... Who's gonna watch the kids at 6:45 on Monday mornings? Or, lets see... what's life going to be like without my hubby working?! Or gee, here's a good one: how might exam week present itself?

All I know is this: the countdown is on whether I'm ready or not. On good days I'm feeling allright about all this... yeah... we can handle this! Woo Hoo! On other days I'm only aware of this nagging sensation that I'm going to choke. And I feel like being a little kid, stomping my feet and whining, "But my break just started. I'm not ready to go back." Ack.

The bright side of going back to school with kids, however, is they give endless hugs, have endless love. And that makes everything seem a whole lot better. And they can usually make us laugh. Unless of course it's the third time milk has been spilled at dinner. Or your two year old dumps his half-eaten-cereal back into the box, milk and all, because he's decided he wants a different kind. Or you've just gotten the kids dressed and set to go, running somewhat behind, and you find them in the backyard splashing in the kiddie pool, soaked to the bone. Then things tend to get a little, uh, tense.

But, hey. This is what we signed up for. We had our fair warning... Now here we go. 18 days.


Cami said...

I'm nervous to start myself, let alone have my spouse decide to go back at the same time. You'll look back years from and just laugh, still wondering how you made it through. Somehow, I'm sure we'll both a find a way to make things work!

Enjoy your 2 1/2 weeks left of vacation! (I have the joy of starting on the 21st.)

Sarah said...

Things do tend to work out... I have noticed that the things I worry about the most usually seem to work out just fine! Cami, have fun and good luck as you begin the year!! Will you be going full time?

Anonymous said...

Sarah, you have a great talent for writing. I love reading your blog. ~Brita Haapala

Sarah said...

Thanks, Brita... It's nice to know who's reading this!

Cami said...

Yeah, I'll be starting full time. Four semesters and then I'll be done. With the summer off in between. : )