Monday, August 11, 2008

August Is...

It's backyard picnics and sunny afternoons. It's warm evenings but cooler nights. Shooting stars that leave glowing trails across the midnight sky. Bonfires on the beach where everyone huddles around- trying to stay warm. It's toasted marshmellows, it's hooded sweatshirts at night. It's barefeet for a little while longer.

August is the moment between the lazy days of summer and the crisp days of fall. It's those last dips in the lake that never really warmed up. It's high winds and massive waves, whispering that fall is approaching with each thundering crash. It's visiting with family, it's one last vacation, it's quiet and still and crazy all once.

August is meant for finishing summer plans, forgetting September's schedules. It's remembering and celebrating and cherishing the quiet part of summer. August is blueberries and pies, hot coffee, good visits, and family. It's taking in the best that summer has to offer and wrapping it all into a few precious memories.

August is holding on to summer for as long as we can.

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