Monday, September 20, 2010

This & That

I wish I could say the spaces between my blog posts are filled with all sorts of intelligent things in which I'm just dying to fill you in on. But no real excitement here- unless you consider the simple mundane tasks of keeping a house together interesting- picking up toys, folding clothes, washing clothes, picking up toys, washing dishes, folding clothes, washing clothes, picking up toys, picking up toys, picking up toys... Why do I do that again? Jack informed me one night we didn't need to pick up because they were just going to make a mess again in the morning. I had no good response.

Last week I started a yoga class and I'm enjoying it so much. I find myself wishing it were every evening rather than the one or two a week it is. I couldn't wait to slip out the door tonight- leaving Ryan to corral the kids into their beds. Just doing something for myself feels so good after being pulled in everyone else's direction all day long. I do yoga on my own at home but it doesn't compare to actually getting out of the house- I think that's half the enjoyment right there.

On Saturday my mom, sister, neice, Adalie, and I took a day-trip in which we were able to hit a few garage sales, a few re-sale shops, an extremely juicy quilt shop that I was unaware existed (I was able to restrain myself- this time), and some other shopping as well. I had good luck at one of the garage sales- scored some things for my living room- the big item being a large black shelf with pegs on it. Oooh, I can't wait to get that up!

Oh! I do have exciting news, actually. My sister had her baby today so I've got a new little niece! So happy for them that she is here. I wish we were just a bit closer so I could run over and see her, but for now I'll have to settle for the picture that was texted to me this afternoon. She's a sweetheart!

So, what's on your agenda for this week? I'm hoping to get some sewing done. Funny as it sounds- I think when I was going to school I actually got more done around here as far as projects go. Having a schedule does that to you: makes you commit to a time frame. So, maybe it's time to start searching for a job. Or perhaps I just need to dive into a really good project to get me going!


Pietila Family said...

Hi Sara. I too started a yoga class last week. And I love it. Both the class and the getting away on my own for a few hours once a week. Such a treat. How are the cloth diapers working out?

Sarah said...

Hi Trisha!
Definitely is awesome to get out of the house alone now and then! Much needed.

The cloth diapers are still working out great! I have enough diapers now that both my two year old and my baby are wearing them all the time. This morning the diapers were all drying because I didn't put them going last night and my two year old did NOT want a disposable on. : ) I think that says a lot!!