Sunday, September 12, 2010

Friends Like These

Everyone needs a set of friends like mine: the ones that walk you through life changes, reminisce with you about things that happened a good twenty years ago, lift you over bumps, and bust out in a laughing fit before you even have a chance to tell the funny part of the story just because they know you that well.

You know the kind of friends I'm talking about.

These are the ones who were with you before the drama of middle school and were still there for you when it was through. Friends who were there long before boyfriends and husbands and kids- and can remind you about the girl you once were when life makes you forget. These are the ones who you know your dumbest moves, your saddest moments, your triumphs- and even if they weren't always right there to give you a hug they were cheering you on in their hearts.

These are the types of friends who can give you a look and you know what they're saying better than if they had actually spoken out loud. They share your memories, your dessert, the stories of your lives. They give you the best even if it means taking something less for themselves. They get you- sometimes better than you get yourself.

They're the ones who go out for coffee with you and no matter what it's never quite long enough. And as you drive home you think, Oh, I hope we can do that again real soon! And when, sometimes weeks or even months down the road, you do get together again- you jump right back in to the moment where you left off and start up again without missing a beat.

Thanks girls. What a fun night out that was!

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