Sunday, August 29, 2010


I truly meant to get out to the camp today, knowing the chances are slipping away. But, it was so nice and cool in the living room with the air pumping full blast through our trusty little window unit. And Ryan was working. And the baby was a little on the fussy side with a runny nose (and maybe some teeth on the way.) And I wasn't completely feeling 100% either. So, I played my mean-mom card and informed my very disappointed children we would not be heading out to the lake as originally requested by them on the way home from church.

Right now I am in the prcoess of backing up my files on my computer. I'm not entirely sure I know what I'm doing, but I'm winging it. When I started it up this evening it informed me that there were errors and could not start. And I panicked a little. Okay, so little is a little bit of an exaggeration, but I'm trying to play it nonchalant here because of this teeny-tiny admission: I've never backed up my files before. Never-never. And I've had this computer for approximately 3 years. I'm not exactly a dare-devil, but this in my books kind of classifies. Gives me sweaty palms and everything. (This happens. Like when I'm real nervous and such? Like when I'm standing somewhere way up high and I look down and... Okay... nevermind.)

Anyways. Problem number 1 occurred when my computer would not recognize that I'd put a disc in the drive. Uh. No clue how to fix that problem- if anyone out there has any suggestions for me, bring 'em on. So, when I say I'm backing up my files- they are only being backed up to a D drive. Does this help me at all if my whole computer was to crash? Or fail to start? Or is it totally useless? I do plan to back these up to cds or dvds or whatever (I'm so intelligent with computer-related stuff as you can clearly see), but that has to wait until my hubby can figure out what's wrong with the dvd drive. But I'm just doing this to make myself feel better (remember? sweaty palms?) Yeaaaah.

So, I'm going to just sit here and pretend it's doing something. Makes me feel better than imagining all the pictures I've taken and not printed in the last year completely lost... Oooh. That would really not be good.

Other than that... I'm working on a balanced life. Example: I did yoga tonight. And then I ate ice cream. Honestly if I had to I'm pretty sure I could survive completely on ice cream. I usually don't have the stuff in the freezer because I struggle with trying to recall why it's bad for me to eat a whole container at once. You think I'm exaggerating, but sadly I am not. Hah. Not. At. All. Thankfully, there's only enough for one more indulgence and I promise I'll wait till tomorrow. Shhh... I won't tell you when I opened it.

Okay, that's two not-so-fantastic admissions in one night. That's enough.

How did you enjoy this hot day?


Karen AMH said...

We should go out for ice cream soon! Before it's too cold for it to be a good excuse...

Megan Lorraine said...

We backed up our computer with an external hard drive. It was only like fourty dollars. A small price to pay compared to all of those priceless pictures that could be lost. :)

Sarah said...

Karen- Anytime! Let's do it SOON!

Megan- Yeah, Ryan came home last night and informed me that's what I should do... I told him to get me one.

Juli said...

I could offer NO advice w/ the computer stuff. I should really back up too. Dan just showed me the other day how to pull my pictures into "a folder". It was amazing to me;)
But hey- in case you're interested: Trudi H's fall yoga class starts in 2 weeks. Every Mon. night. I'm excited to try this out!