Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August Thoughts

After spending a much-needed weekend away with my husband and no kids I have been settled back into reality. I don't even want to count how many years it's been since  he and I got away together without a car seat or four in the back. Completely enjoyed every moment! Of course, the joy of it was punctuated by the fact that I found out I'd passed my boards the day before we left. What a relief to finally have that over and done with. And no, I do not yet have a job, a possibility, or even an application. But, just to have my boards done makes me happy. At the moment, I am content to just be where I am. Whatever will be will be.

I'm gearing up for fall over here.
  Excited to see the days cooling off and the nights carrying a chill.
    Ready, even, to find some sort of schedule.
      Hoping my baby decides that this season she will actually begin to sleep.
         Realizing this probably won't happen based on her record.
      And being okay with spending much of my days holding and playing with her.
        And, of course, readying myself for the fact that I'll be sending my oldest off on the school bus in two weeks time while remembering an August six years ago when we moved into this house awaiting her birth.

Feeling just a wee bit reflective tonight. Letting my heart travel where it will as I look back over the photographic memories of a summer we so fully enjoyed while I can't help peeking ahead at what's coming next.

How about you? Squeezing out the last drops of summer in a fun getaway, a family camping trip, or an afternoon at the beach? Feeling ready for cooler days and colored leaves, apple cider and sewing projects?

Whatever it is you are doing to enjoy summer's fading light- embrace it. Enjoy it.


Brita said...

Me, I'm looking forward to Friday!! Do you have any thoughts yet on where you want to meet? I have a few if you don't, let me know...

Cami said...

I am craving cooler nights and cider mills...we have some good ones around here! :)

Lori said...

Sarah, you have such an eloquent way of writing thoughts...very nice, very nice! Just the other night, when there was a chill in the air, I found myself excited for the prospect of fall..:)

Cami said...

btw: I totally forgot to say "CONGRATS!" on passing your boards...that's awesome! Feels good doesn't it? I hope you have better luck finding a job up there than I have down here. Way to competitive of a job market right now...kind of a bummer.

Pete/Heidi said...

Congratulations on passing your boards! How awesome! And how wonderful that you and Ryan were able to get away, just the two of you!

And... I can not believe that you have kids in school now! My how quickly time passes. :)

I have always enjoyed your blog -- you have a great way of writing! I am holding fast to the fading bits of summer. I am thankful to have been able to read many of your posts on school/life the past few years (and that you & your family made it through it beautifully)... :) Take care!