Monday, March 22, 2010

My monthly post

Apparently I'm going for a new blogging record here- how long can she go without posting? Alas, I decided to break my nearly three week hiatus and grace the blogging world with my presence once again. I know, I know- excitement abounds- your cheers are audible from here. Calm down already, will ya?

Anyways. Did I mention I only have five actual weeks of class yet? Oh. Now, might be the time to throw out my disclaimer of the month: If listening to me exlaim how many days/weeks are left bores you to tears you might want to stay away for a bit. Becuase the closer it gets, the more I'll most likely be informing everyone else. Whether you want to hear about it or not. Sorry. Can't help it. I'm insanely excited to put my schooling behind me.

Amongst the other headlines in this house... We had Adalie's baptism yesterday and had a fun afternoon visiting afterward. Such a beautiful day! This little girl is not such a little newborn anymore. She's seven weeks old, 11 pounds, and smiling and cooing more and more each day. We are loving having a cuddly baby in the house! Even when she does keep me awake half the night on my night before clinical... Ah, sweetheart.

Speaking of. She's waking up, so time to wrap this exciting post up.

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Lori said...

I know you were dripping with sarcasm, however, I DID notice the hiatus and I'm glad to see you are back! And good luck with the end of your school career, I know the feeling:)