Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another beautiful fall morning

Ah, man, I missed it. I was aiming for a post at 9:09 on 09-09-09. No, not really, just thought of it right now after I talked to my mom who said someone was getting married this morning at that time. Funny.

Well, we've jumped into fall. School started last week and despite my several mini-panic attacks in the days leading up to it, I think it will go okay. The schedule isn't bad and so far the workload seems manageable. Oooh, I just set myself up for things to get a whole lot worse, didn't I? Despite all that I debated all last week if I should be going or not. That's just me adjusting to change.

My kids- the ones I worry about the most with me going to school- love it. They get to spend Thursdays at Grandma's house because we both have to be gone. They can't wait to get there, and even after several hours there, they're not ready to leave.

Did I ever tell you what Lydia told me on the way home from church one day? We were sitting in the grocery store parking lot, waiting for Dad to pick up some lunch and she pipes up from the back seat, "Mom, are there any other Moms we could have?"

"You mean, instead of me?" I asked.

"Well. Yeah."

Huh. So she thought she could just trade me in that easily. Just to be safe I took her and Jack for Icees that afternoon and when I asked her after that if I was okay then she said I was. Woo-hoo! Got me a little worried there for a moment.

Anyways, one of my kids just tapped the Publish Post button and I wasn't exactly done rambling so I suppose I should add on my edit here and be done with it. My coffee pot is calling and I think I need to oblige.

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