Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jack!

Three years ago today my little boy was born and I'm quite certain that I simply blinked three times and turned around once and now here he is, celebrating three. He had his cake last night and never stopped grinning the whole time we sang to him.

So, here are my thoughts to him at three years old...

Jack, it seems to me you've grown up so much lately and while it scares me, while the mother in me wants to slow things down just a bit, I'm still so happy to see you growing and changing each day.

At three, you are...

Smiling. With a gleam in your eye that suggests you're up to something, you share your smile with anyone... And when you do, it never fails to light up the world around you.

Learning. Sometimes I'm caught by surprise to hear your interesting expressions, your way of placing words together, and conveying your thoughts to me. I love talking to you, hearing your side of the story, and I'm sorry we don't always understand everything you say clearly- I know that's frustrating to you. But I so enjoy listening to all your stories.

Determined. You know exactly what you want and you will not settle for anything else. You align your blankets just so in your bed at night and we know not to mess with the system. You put up an impossible argument- not wavering or giving in to the yellow cup when you really wanted the green.

Loving. You wrap your little arms tightly around my neck, press your forehead to mine, and say, "I love you, Mom," many times a day. Someday, perhaps, you will understand why this simple act means everything to me. And sometimes I think, you already do.

Growing. We finally moved you out of your crib and you are so proud to be in a "big boy bed". The fist morning you woke up, I had to finally come check on you because it was so late and I still had not heard from you. You were there, sitting in your bed with a smile, happy as can be, content just to be in your bed.

Mischief. Yesterday you discovered a bag of pop bottles & cans to be returned and happily dragged them out of the porch and deposited them all over the backyard. You did the same with a bag full of paper bags. You discovered how much fun it is to throw balls and other miscellaneous sandbox toys over the fence and into the neighbor's yards. You mopped the sidewalk with my mop. And that was only yesterday morning.

A good brother to your sisters. Of course you have your squabbles with them, but being sandwhiched between two girls you handle your position as the big brother and the little brother pretty well.

.. And as you continue to grow, as the years continue to slip by, I'll enjoy watching your changes, your aspirations, your dreams. And even when one day I find myself having to look up to meet your eyes, I'll still be staring at the image of you- standing at the back door with a full grin on your face holding out a tiny handful of violets picked just for me.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Jack.

Love, Mom


Anna said...

Beautiful, and in so many ways, so familiar. Happy birthday Jack!

Megan Lorraine said...

ohhhh.... I love the last paragraph. It put an awesome image in my mind. I often wonder what my little boys are going to be like when they are bigger than I.... sometimes it makes me sad to think that they won't always be these precious little loves who don't care what the world thinks.

juli said...

He IS always smiling isn't he?:) I try and remember to get my hugs from Ian while he still lets me....and what a busy boy!

Anonymous said...

aaah. it is so wonderful that you write these letters for your kids. i always think i need to do least one letter to each child at some point in their life. i know how much it would/will mean to them, especially if some day you were gone. i've looked and looked for any scrap left from my dad but there are none. it would have meant the world. yay sarah ! ~marne