Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Camp cleaning

Okay, summer can start now.

My sister, some brothers, a brother inlaw, and sister inlaws opened up the camp tonight- scrubbed fingerprints and dust off of walls, vacuumed up dead flies, and washed down the ceilings. Ahh. Always feels good to see that place again after winter- ahem- leaves for the year. It was a whopping 4o or so degrees by the lake with a nice stiff breeze blown in off of waters that looked suspiciously like November. Wind chill probably put it somewhere right around 28. Not too bad.

Anyways, I thought it would be nice if they all just hauled their rags and buckets over to my house now and we could just continue on in the same manner. Wouldn't that be the way to clean? Hah. Won't they be surprised when I invite them all over for lunch some nice afternoon and they find the cleaning supplies lined up on the kitchen counter. I once balked at the idea of my sister coming to help me clean because- gasp!- she might see all my heaping piles of junk and discover that my fridge had stuff growing in it from 2004. Happily I quickly got over that fear and now realize it is a rather efficient way of cleaning. I mean, how can you stop and take a break when someone else is scrubbing your bathroom floor?

Actually, I cleaned our bedroom yesterday and in the process my children overturned their bedrooms and the hallway between them as well. They were "cleaning" too, they said. Apparently their method and mine are a bit out of alignment because rather than cleaning things off the floor they cleaned things out of the bins and toy box. Huh. One step forward, three steps back. At this rate I'll be seventy-five before my entire house is clean all at one time. I always have great plans to master this, but as I'm folding clothes in one room, Hannah's in the other tearing them out of drawers. And while I'm making the bed in my room, the other two are busy striping their own. Ryan said the stuff from the hallway was trying to creep into our bedroom today. He quickly pushed it out, of course. Note to self: keep door closed to avoid spreading the plaque that consumes the rest of this place.

Ah, anyways what does it really matter? The camp is cleaned for the moment and all we need is a little increase in the arctic temps around here and we'll just cruise on down to the lake and forget all about heaps of laundry and dusty corners. Because when the warm days of summer are here I- and here's a real shocker, folks- refuse to clean. Bet you didn't see that one coming. We get such a short summer there's no time to spend on the forward, backward game of housecleaning. Unfortunately, that leaves me no excuse when the thermometer lingers in the forties or fifties like it's had the habit of doing lately.

So, anyways. Anyone want to come over for lunch real soon? hehehheh.

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Karen AMH said...

ahhh, your camp! Brings back so many (young!) memories...