Sunday, September 28, 2008

Teething Baby + No Sleep = Lazy Sunday

So I'm eating my words over here, feeling a bit sheepish. I was so satisfied with the fact that this "bug" went in & out of our house in a matter of hours... Only to spend all of last night awake with the baby. I'm thinking she's teething. Which also is ironic because I'm always the first to say that my kids aren't bothered by teeth coming in. Usually they just pop through. I've never understood the big ordeal here. Until now. Now I'm realizing that people aren't kidding when they talk about the high fevers, the whining, the inability to sleep. Hah. Now I know. And I promise not to ever say again that my kids weren't reallly affected by their teeth coming in.

It's all coming back to haunt me. Kind of like the way I used to stand by the couch and pry my mom's eyes open when I was just a little one and she'd try to take a nap. "MOM! Can you see me?" I'd keep asking. My own haven't done quite that yet, but if they see me headed for the couch, It's a sure bet they'll drop what they're doing and think it's a big game to pile on mom.

Aside from that it's a beautiful, sunny fall day. Perfect day for a Sunday afternoon car ride. And since they're practically giving gas away now, why not? Hah. Never mind the fact that if I actually was to be a passanger in a moving vehicle, I'd fall promptly asleep and miss all the crisp fall colors. Argh.

Okay, okay. I'm getting a little cranky here. I promise, I'll go fill my coffee cup now and be quiet.

Enjoy your Sunday. And your Monday too since we all know that's on it's way.

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