Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday evening musings

Pondering. Wondering. Reflecting.
It's Monday. Possibly the longest day of the week. Early a.m. clinicals, a good old case of the blahs, a test to study for, two fighting kids, and a husband who has class all day and all evening. One feeds off the next, and then the next, and so on and so forth. Gives me the shivers. It's so tempting to go pull out a book from my garage sale stash, make some coffee, and imerse my brain cells in a thoughtless plot. Instead I'll continue struggling my way through the efects of phosphorous imbalances and acid-base disorders. Wa-hoo. But, Tuesday's right around the corner. And Tuesdays typically make up for Monday's so it's all good.

I'm still not giving up on fall being long and warm... but my hopes have diminished greatly. Summer more or less shut off like a switch last week. It came on Friday (or was it Saturday?), left on Tuesday, and pretty soon I'm going to pull out the Christmas music. Nah, not really. But I will let you know when that debuts. I have been known to start listening to it before the leaves are done falling off the trees. It scares some people. I just like the songs. Relaxing. Reminds me of waking up at home as a kid, eating cream-of-wheat, feeling the heat of the woodstove radiating up from the basement. Pure comfort. But I am not a fan of winter, so I promise I'll wait till October to pull out the tunes. Just so chilly out there today, I couldn't help but let the thought cross my mind. (Now I've really shocked some of you: Christmas music? Summer is just walking out the door and she's already talking Christmas music? Wah. Nuts.)

Just to redeem myself- I'm not a fan of the all the Christmas stuff out in the stores in, like, September. I just like Christmas music... And how did I get on this subject?

Note: In the few minutes it took my to type this blog entry my kids emptied out the entire contents of the toybox, smeared chapstick all over their faces, gave the end table a spit-bath, and retreated upstairs giggling about something. This is not good. They're moving too fast for me again.


Karen AMH said...

hah! Christmas music! I remember the days of that coming out of storage in late September... (for you, that is)
Happy Monday -- really, it's almost Tuesday now!

Amy L said...

Hey Sarah, did not realize you were part of this bolgging world. I feel for you, juggling kids with two parents in school is not the easiest thing to do... Hang in there it will be worth it once you are all done, and can look back on all of it.

Megan Lorraine said...

I too have been known to pull out the christmas music WAY early.... :) My hubby thinks I'm crazy

Cami said...

I feel like I could pull my hair out with school some days and I only have one child and a husband who works, he's not in school!

Oh man...the joys of the beginning of the school week huh!?
Speaking of Christmas music, you'll be looking forward to that this year, when you and your hubby will be on break from school and enjoying some family time. : )