Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just some random thoughts...

Why is it that...
  • every time I start to study I also feel like eating? (and not stuff that's good for me either)
  • whenever the phone rings my kids chose that moment to poke the other one in the eye? or stand at my leg yelling "MOM!" over and over and over?
  • whenever one kid has a rough night, the other two do too?
  • whenever the baby goes for a nap, my three year old decides she needs something from her bedroom and goes "quietly" to get it... thus waking up the baby?
  • information goes into my brain, gets me through the tests, and then immediately seems to be lost? As in... not even retrievable a few hours later?
  • I can be exhausted to the point of dragging myself up the steps, barely staying awake to brush my teeth... and then I can't fall asleep?
  • whenever I'm in a hurry to get somewhere... that's also the day I can't find someone's shoes, we're missing a pacifier, and the keys are nowhere in sight?
  • kids pick up on the things you think you're keeping secret... but can't hear you when you tell them to pick up their toys?
  • I'm finding any way I can to put off studying?

1 comment:

Karen AMH said...

I don't know about all of the kids things, but as for the studying -- sometimes I think the brain does just what you need it to do, or you're training it to do a certain thing, then that's enough. Like "I just need to learn this for the test on Friday..."
Anyway, hope you're having a good week!