Thursday, October 7, 2010

So perhaps I have a *slight* addiction to fabric

Yesterday as I was browsing across some blogs, I came across a really neat idea that involved transferring a few lines of a written letter to a pillow by scanning in the written work, blowing it up, and printing it out on transfer paper. So cool. It would be really cool if you had, like, old love letters to work with, I think.

Well then today while wandering through a gift shop I saw these great wall signs that had many random thoughts on them- kind of like informal rules about life? So as I was busy scheming up how to make them, I thought- how cool would it be to write my kids letters but then instead of putting them on pillows paint them on something that could hang on their walls. No, they can't read yet- but by the time this plan is put into action they'll probably be going through chapter books. So if I get a start on it now there is the possibility they could receive these as gifts, like, when they graduate high school or something.

I do want to make one for my living room, though. No love letters, however. Just some random thoughts. I'm real good at random meaningless thoughts in case you were in doubt. Getting projects completed... well, not so much.

This morning my sister called (yes, the one who lured me to Mqt a few weeks ago with that great 30% off coupon) and informed me of the sale going on at the quilt house: 20% everything in the store.Well, now. Who can pass up an opportunity to seek that out? I mean, even if you don't need anything 20% off is 20% off so you have to just look, right? I'm pretty sure I would save all kinds of money if I didn't have my own personal bargain hunter informing me of all the great sales going on. Yes, you read that correctly. No, really. Everyone should have a personal bargain hunter- especially one that says "I'll be there in forty five minutes" and whisks you away from your motherly duties for a fun day out.

Anyways. I had a great time at the fabric shop. I love when I'm standing at the counter waiting for my fabric to be cut and the lady wielding the scissors across the beautiful prints says, "So what are you making?" It always results in me going blank and uttering something like, "Um... Uh, well I'm not entirely sure yet. But, I do have some ideas," followed by a few very convincing nods. Apparently some people get patterns first and then shop for the fabric second. I prefer the 'oh-this-is-soooo-cute-I-think-I'll-just-get-a-half-a-yard' method. I am pretty sure, however, the pattern first process would be much more effective. Might have to try that some time. But then, that would probably result in me leaving there with only what I need. And what fun would that be?

Oops. Just realized my hubby is probably going to read this. So in that case- forget the whole last paragraph, dear, I am always extremely conservative when it comes to fabric shopping. I only purchase what I know for sure without a doubt I might have the opportunity to possibly, someday, if the correct situation allows... find some especially great use for each carefully selected piece of fabric.

Trust me. Really.

Also on the agenda today was a stop at Goodwill. I found a bag stuffed full of iron on transfers in prints of flowers and miscellaneous designs. Again, their purpose has not exactly been determined, but I will think of something. Eventually. I might actually use some of the basic ones to put on fabric for Lydia to do stitching on. I remember doing those when I was about her age. That might be a fun thing for her to do for Christmas presents.

Speaking of kid's projects... Anyone have any projects for a four year old boy? He's so bored when big sis goes off to school in the afternoons and little sis is napping. It's only October and my ideas are running low- any suggestions?


Brita said...

If you think of anything for the four year old, let me know. I have one over here that follows me around all day begging to go to Superette.

Sharyn said...

no help on the four year old either - but I'll tag along here and see if anyone else has anything. I have this bored soul over here home for two years yet and he's just clueless as how to do anything alone.

Anonymous said...

Darin has been working on this "project" for quite a few days here. He has a hammer(it's actually a rubber mallet, that he found) a screw (yeap, he found the screw, a nail would work much better, but until he gives up, I'll let him keep at it) & a piece of hickory(it's a "hard" wood he found in the garage). Poor kid, he's been trying to pound this screw into this wood for quite a few days here. He doesn't seem to mind that it's not going in. So give them a piece of wood(or make a little workbench out of a few pieces of wood) and a pile of nails and let them "have at it." : )

Anonymous said...

oops I forgot to put my name, I guess you'll know who I am, Sarah!! : )

Sarah said...

I think we should get some of these boys together. The hammer & nails thing is a good idea. The highlight of his summer was helping his dad build the storage barn!

Mary B. said...

Have you ever made Oobleck? Mix cornstarch and water in one of those plastic dishpan things or a
9x13 pan. It's a little messy if it gets outside the pan, but tons of fun! And it's pretty easy to clean up.

Sarah said...

Mary, I think I remember making that when I was a youngen'. Might have to do that for him tomorrow.

Heather from Post Road Vintage said...


My kids are big into progects and the latest is homemade clay..

1/2 c. salt
3/4 c. hot water
2 c. flour

knead like bread.
They rolled it out and used these little o'dearve (however the heck you spell it) cutters.
Then punch a hole in the middle, dry, and paint, string them and then proceed to crunch them all into the carpet :)

Sarah said...

Heather, thanks for the reminder on this one. Lydia had fun making beads when she was younger with this clay... Will have to do it again.