Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Morning Musings

This morning...
  • I made an eight-cup pot of coffee
  • And I'm the only one who drinks the stuff around here
  • My kids are puppies.
  • Their names are Patty, Craig, and Beah. (Take no offense if you have the same name- trust me, it's an honor.)
  • The washer is humming along with the hope that for a few minutes I can win the laundry war. For a few minutes. That's all.
  • My husband is gone to the grocery store. He does the majority (ok, all) of the grocery shopping around here.
  • That's usually a good thing, but sometimes I think I should take it over again...
  • We are right in the middle of Ryan's long stretch of work
  • And, oh am I looking forward to his long stretch (6 days!) off next week!
  • And I'm kind of secretly hoping he doesn't pick up too many extra shifts during that time.
  • I'm feeling optimistic that I might finish some projects today.
  • I need to find somewhere to visit tonight that has a sauna as our bathtub is having leaking issues and the kids desperately sort of need a bath before Sunday
  • I'm looking forward to hopefully visiting with my niece at some point today
  • And my coffee needs to be refilled.
Have a great Saturday and a happy fall weekend!


Cami said...

Enjoy the 6 day stretch of your hubby not working. I start my new job on comes the working world again. lol.
Have you been looking for a job?

Sarah said...

Good luck with your new job!!

I am just finally starting to fill out some applications... Up until this point I haven't looked at all- I've been enjoying the time off. But I'm at the point now where I think I'm ready to work a little. So, hopefully something will come up.