Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nursing School: Part One

We started the first three weeks of this semester with me making the two hour drive to do my two day a week mental health clinical. And as the timing was, all I could do was hope that I could make it through those weeks before my baby arrived. I'd drive down there wondering if I'd end up having to leave for home early, I'd lay in bed at night thinking- is this it? Should I get in the car and head home right now? Always hoping I'd just make it through. And just barely, I did; Adalie was born three days after I finished my last one.

Well, at the time it seemed like forever until Ryan would be heading out the door for his mental health rotation- the last three weeks of the semester. At the time it seemed so far away and distant that I could hardly think about it because there was so much else to focus on. But then, this morning arrived and Ryan packed up his stuff and headed out the door for week one of the final three! What an incredibly awesome feeling it is to realize this point that I doubted would ever come has finally arrived! Three busy weeks and it's over. (As if you haven't heard me say that enough!)

Lydia asked me the other day what a 'grad-ja-ta-shun" (graduation) was after hearing us talk about it so much. I tried explaining it to her and told her I'd be done with school for good after it and the poor girl couldn't even comprehend it. Till next fall? she asked. I don't think she remembers a time before I went to school. Yet although it's all she knows right now someday- as so many have told me- she won't have much memory of us going to school at all. And the other kids- I doubt they'll remember it at all.

So, with that being said: I'm going to be doing a series of posts reflecting back on these past few years because I know as quickly as it is over we will begin to forget what it was really like. And so one day when our children ask what it was like I'll have something to show them. Over the next few weeks I'll be trying to get some thoughts down here- a countdown to the sweet end of all of this!

Just a little over three weks now...


Aleena said...


Megan Lorraine said...

You guys are awesome! It's hard enough with just Aaron going to school, but two of you.... I still give you so much credit and admiration. Aaron is in his last semester of classes. That in itself is a great feeling. Then December he graduates. We CANNOT wait. I must say, I'm a bit envious. :)

Cami said...

Enjoy these last 3 weeks! I know I will be! : )

I forgot that up there you guys have to stay over night for your mental health rotation. I guess I took for granted that we had three options within driving distance for that class.

Anna said...

Right now, as I'm still getting "in the swing of things" with the new job, I feel a little like its reminiscent of school...but then I remember just how much more stress there was then. Boy, I don't miss it, not one single bit. Glad you're near the end; congratulations!