Sunday, November 1, 2009

Welcome, November, I'm ready for you

Hellloooo... Is there anyone left out there? It has come to my recent attention that this blog is becoming rather dusty and out of date. Mothballs are piling up in the corners and cobwebs are stringing themselves across the ancient posts. Apparently it's time to do some housecleaning and get back to date.

So, what have we been up to. October was a whirlwind. To break it down quite simply: life was busy. School caught up with me and by the end of the month I was feeling quite overwhelmed.

However- I finished up the last of my clinicals this past week and won't have them again till mid-March! Ryan, on the other hand, starts his this week. While I did enjoy my clinicals this year, I'm happy to be done with them for awhile- time to focus on other things... I'm down to one day of class a week so that should leave me with some time to pay attention to the other aspects of my life that are in desperate need of housecleaning as well.

I'm really looking forward to November this year. Yet, sad to say, an era has come to an end: this will be the first November in approximately 12 years that I won't be participating in the Christmas Bazaar. Which means no late nights scrambling to get things done, no pouring over sites and magazines searching for better ideas. That leaves me feeling slightly nostalgic, but mostly relieved. I had to make a choice this year about how much stress I needed to create in my life- and as it turns out- the least stressful way won out. How about that. Maybe next year I can do it again. Maybe. I might like this year off too much, however.

So what will I focus November on? Well, there are still three piles of material begging to be sewn into quilts. There's three half-started stockings that probably won't be hung this year but would still like a chance. There's plans to be made for Christmas projects and baking and, yes- of course- shopping. I enjoy this time of year so much! Let's put the Christmas music on, heat up a cup of cider, and welcome November.

I'm ready to get started, yet making to-do lists for this week with some reserve. Ryan was sick this past week and while the rest of us are still healthy I've been holding my breath waiting for it to strike in the kids. Every time someone so much as sits quietly and looks at a stack of books, I'm running over to plaster my hand across their forehead thinking for sure they're coming down with a fever. Maybe we'll luck out and they'll all stay healthy- me, included.

Happy November, everyone!


Juli said...

Like the fresh new look, and happy for you to have a little more free time for yourself. Same deal here, Dan is at the end of a bug, and really Crossing my fingers we all stay well!!

Karen AMH said...

Welcome back :)
Stay healthy over there!
A few weeks ago I was wondering if you had the Christmas music on yet. I remember one September (quite) a few years back you had it on.

Congrats on being done with clinicals for awhile!

Cami said...

The Trans siberian ochestra is in our area tomorrow night...wish I could go to it! They have great Christmas music! : )

Hope you all stay healthy. And enjoy your break from clinicals...are you taking a semester off?

Sarah said...

I'm not sure if the Christmas music was on in September, but it did come out a few times in October. : )

Cami, I'm not taking a semester off, our school runs clinicals in two groups- one goes the first half the semester, one goes the second. So because I'm due in Feb. I'll go in the second group next semester which doesn't start till mid-March. All of our classes are on one day. Worked out a lot better than I thought it would!