Thursday, September 8, 2011

Never a dull moment

Can I go back to sleep yet? Seriously? You know those days when nothing real exciting happens, everything is just the same-old, same-old... kind of mundane? Well, I am most definitely not experiencing one of those type days. Just in case you were worried, or something. But if you are- enjoy it- and read on.

This morning my husband & I decided to take a ride out to our property. So, we drove out, enjoyed a walk, let the girls run up and down the road, enjoyed the quiet of a peaceful morning out in the woods. Then, after a bit, the babes started to get crabby and we decided it was time to head home for lunch. Except the vehicle wouldn't start. So there we are, out in the woods, no stroller, minimal to zero cell phone service, contemplating our next move. The cell phone service out there is so spotty it's usually non-existent. But walking to town was pretty much out of the question as we would obviously have to carry the girls and all I had was one backpack. Well, after some more failed attempts to start the Yukon, I located a spot that had sketchy service and was somehow able to get through to my parents who drove out to pick us up. Not that big of a deal.

Well, just as we get home Ryan decides to take his truck back out there to see if the Yukon just needs some gas. Meanwhile, the girls are making it known that they are starving and so I put a pot of water boiling on the stove for some noodles. I am very careful to put it on the back burner in the corner, away from any possibility of the girls pulling it on themselves. And even though I know better than to leave water boiling on the stove, I dash up stairs to put the wash going, figuring I'll be back down before the water even starts to get hot. I'm gone all of maybe three minutes.

But as I come down the stairs I smell smoke. And as I start to run I see black smoke covering the kitchen ceiling, curling into the living room where the girls are watching, too scared to move. Apparently it might have helped if I had turned on the right burner and not the one on top of which sat two oven mits, now engulfed in flames.

Long story short, with the girls safe outside, I smoldered the fire which could have been much, much worse than it was and, yes, I learned some serious lessons. Especially that- once you think you have the fire out you better be sure. After I smothered the fire, I had to get outside to get some air. Well, apparently when I smothered the oven mits, a hot coal had jumped to the floor and, unbeknown to me, was inside smoldering next to a cardboard box that was not discovered until Ryan came home a few minutes later. Arrrgh. Again- the potential to be much worse could no be understated.

So I'm done. I am tempted to sit in this chair for the remainder of the day. Except of course, the walls and cupboards need to be washed down. There's still a lingering smoke smell that I hope we can eradicate with some serious cleaning. Good thing I didn't wash walls yesterday like I had hoped!

Oh, and while all that was occurring? The vehicle was towed to the shop where they determined it needs a new fuel pump. Woo-hoo. There goes the new freezer idea. Oh well.

Anyways. My three year old keeps asking why I started a fire and she won't let me out of her sight. I've officially made her paranoid of the kitchen as well. But, all's well that ends well. We're all safe, our house is still standing. And here I sit, feet up drinking the caramel macchiato that my sweet husband just brought me from the coffee shop- his very good attempt to calm me down. No more excitement today, please I think I had my share, thank-you-very-much!


Megan said...

eep! I bet you counted your blessings today and hugged your family extra tight tonight. What a day!

Sarah said...

Yes, I did! When I actually had time to process it all later I realized how bad it could've been!!!

Aleena said...


Cami said...

that is one of my worst fears...a house fire while i'm home with the kids. gosh...glad ur all ok and that it turned out good.

i had a fire start on my burner a few years ago while i was in the kitchen...talking about an instant heart attack (figuratively speaking, of course) :)

Anonymous said...

We have much to be thankful for each and every day!