Monday, March 28, 2011

Right Now

Right now, I am...
  • Enjoying a quiet, clean house with my feet up while sipping some tea.
  • Feeling relaxed after a tough workout.
  • Remembering how good those endorphins are for the mood. Oh, it's been too long.
  • Getting set for a busy week- work called- they need me there tomorrow and- judging by the situation, possibly another day in addition to my regularly scheduled day.
  • Marveling that all of my daytime babysitter options seem to have gone MIA at once. Coincidence?
  • Thankful that it's spring break week and that I have lots of nieces of the babysitting age. And one that's able to help me out tomorrow on last minute notice. And for a father in law who says he'll take the kids another day if needed.
  • Glad for the break from school for Lydia. Jack is so happy to have her home- and so am I.
  • Happy- so happy- for the sunshine we're seeing nearly every day now. Incredible, what it does for one's mood!
  • Pondering which book amongst the stack of books by my bed I want to dive into first.
  • Realizing it's almost April- and how exciting is that?
  • Also realizing that means my son's birthday is a month and a half away. And he's fully expecting a 'boy' quilt like the one his sister got for her birthday.
  • Not panicking. Yet. Because I have all the fabric and some of it is cut out. Way ahead of the game here. It's all good.
  • Recalling, however, that my free motion quilting foot (which was so much fun, by the way) broke at the very end of that quilt.
  • Debating if I should get another one or do his a bit different.
  • Knowing these next few days are going to sail by as we move into the weekend the kids have been waiting for and counting down to for weeks.
  • Hoping for a good time with healthy, happy kids. And healthy happy parents.
  • Ready, at 10 p.m., to crawl in bed for the night and pick up one of those books.
  • Focusing. On being still. On breathing deeply and letting the worries of the day fade.
  • Content.

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EDNOS said...

I like this post and thought I'd comment so that you know I was here.