Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random Updates

Spent many days last week laying on the couch or huddled on the chair. Whining about my mouth. Wondering why I was such a wimp.
Saturday, day 5? 6? after having my wisdom teeth out I was still having a really hard time eating.
Sunday I tried to pretend I my mouth wasn't throbbing and that the pain in my temple was just my imagination.
Sunday evening I looked inside my mouth and discovered a nice open hole in my gums. Huh. Pretty sure I wasn't supposed to see my jaw bone through the hole. Or the hole, period. Gee, perhaps that's why I felt like the side of my face was going to explode every time I drank/ate/talked/breathed???
Monday morning I went in and- yes, it had developed into a dry socket.
Had it irrigated and packed and it started to feel better immediately.
Will have it packed. And repacked. And repacked. Until it heals- maybe two weeks? maybe more?
Kind of grossed out at the fact that there's gauze stuffed into a hole in my mouth for three days at a time.
So I thought I'd gross you out too.
Because I'm so generous like that and I love to share.
I mean, I've seen big nasty decubitus ulcers packed, but somehow when I relate that to myself... Eew.
This morning I woke up at 6 a.m. and interviewed for a job at 8.
This afternoon I went back to "interview" with the nurses.
This evening we went to Lydia's gymnastics and then visiting.
Tonight... I'm feeling excited/nervous/excited/nervous at the possibility of going to work.
Yet, it's only still a possibility. But a kind of good one.
Tonight, I am feeling only a minimal ache in my mouth- Hello! I ate pizza for supper! Good-bye chocolate meal shakes! And yogurt, you were my friend until we became a little too friendly for a week straight so let's just go on a little break, shall we?
Tonight, all of my children are sleeping in their own beds for the first time since we switched the rooms around a few weeks ago.
Crossing my fingers they all stay there too.
Because tonight... I think I'm ready for a really good night's sleep.


Pete/Heidi said...

Sorry to hear that you developed dry socket! I got that as well after wisdom teeth removal; in addition to the packing business done by the dentist... I found clove oil to help numb the area for a little bit. Hope your mouth heals quickly and feels better soon!

Also, congrats on getting the interviews & hope the job works out! :)

Sarah said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Heidi! I don't have any clove oil but I might have to find some tomorrow!