Monday, November 8, 2010

My fun trip to the dentist

Since when did going to the dentist become a free for all for the lady with the sharp picky thing to tear apart your gums? Seriously. I've taken ibuprofen twice since visiting the dentist earlier today because my mouth aches so horribly from the hygienist stabbing my gums/teeth mercilessly over and over and over... Now I know why people dread going to the dentist. Never used to be that great of an issue for me. I've never especially loved going to the dentist (it's true, those types of people claim to exist), but it's never really been that bad. Until now. Owww!

It started out bad and kept getting worse. First, the hygienist started out all nice- making pleasant conversation, chit-chatting about the weather, blah, blah, blah. Then she interpreted the x-rays. And proceeded to point out that it appeared as if I had "cavities". As in plural. I gulped, balked, started to fidget nervously. I haven't had a cavity since I was 12 or so and I feel like I take decent care of my teeth. Then, she started with the whole sawing away at my teeth and gums with her pick machete for nearly 45 painful minutes. And then, just when I thought I could breathe a safe sigh of relief, the dentist came in and informed me my wisdom teeth need to go. The roots are all twisty and I'll need to go to the oral surgeon to have it done. Bonus, though, I only have three. There is no fourth one. Um... Yay?

He also informed me that I indeed did have cavities. Two. Between the teeth. Pretty sure all logic was lost on me at that point and I stammered something like, But I brush! After every meal! And I floss with those little flosser things, too!, as if that might make him change his mind or something and make him say, Oh! Well, in that case- forget it! No need to fill those cavities, if you're taking such great care! And forget about pulling the wisdom teeth as well!

Pretty sure I walked out of there like a wounded dog. Funny, because I was just in the dentist with Jack last week and I think he was tougher than me. He asked me before I left who was going to "take care of you" at the dentist and I assured him I could take care of myself. An hour after sitting in the chair, I was thinking I could have used some taking-care-of right about then.

But about those wisdom teeth... I'm scared. Like, not just average scared, but really-really-feel-like-I-want-to-puke-scared. The only experience I have with people getting them pulled was with my husband-then fiance- who had them pulled. I drove him to and from his appointment two hours away and I just remember being so appalled afterwards that he was in so much pain. He barely ate for 10 days he was in such pain. Now... I know guys can be kind be... how to say this nicely?...less than the tough macho men they think they are at times, but is- that, like, gulp- a normal occurrence with wisdom tooth extraction?

At least I have till January to worry about it. I think I'm going to go into denial till then. It's easier that way. {Yeah, I'm a wimp. And worrier, too. Welcome to my world.}


Cami said...

I never minded the dentist before either...until last time. My gums were sore for a couple days...must have something to do with having a couple kids. Our mouth/gums must change too...we can blame everything on having kids right?! lol.

I had my wisdom teeth out years ago (like 11 years ago), all 4 of them were impacted. But I don't remember being in a lot of pain, took motrin/advil around the clock and it was fine. If anything my jaws were sore for awhile from being pushed open for so long. Good luck when you go in! :)

Mary B. said...

I had a bad experience like that a few years ago. I had scabs in my mouth! I requested a different hygienist the next time.

Anonymous said...

I had all 4 of mine pulled at the oral surgeons 2 hours away also, when Amara was a baby. Not bad at all...The roots were fishhooked in there. They said they were going to put me out so I kept waiting to be "knocked out" but the dentist kept talking and talking and I felt so "with it" the whole time. And I waited and waited to go to sleep, and before I knew it he said I was done. Weird feeling..I walk out to Pete in the waiting room...he looks at his watch and asks me how long I think I've been in there..I say 10 minutes..he says "Nope, an hour and a half." That was a crazy feeling...and even though I felt so "with it" the whole time, I could not tell you anything he talked to me about. I don't remember any pain..and I even left downstate the next day or 2 days later to go garage saling. So, fear not, my'll be fine!!! : ) ~Tanya

Sarah said...

Cami- I'll just blame it on having kids, then! That works for me. : ) Glad to hear your experience was not bad at all!

Mary- Pretty sure I'll be requesting someone else next time as well. I think she might have had it out for me though becuase when I had Lydia in there a month ago that same hygenist claimed that Lydia bit her "reeeeally bad" when she was trying to take the x-rays. I'm pretty sure Lydia didn't do it on purpose- she's old enough to know- but the hygenist acted as if it was intentional. I think she saw me and decided to pay back or something.

Tanya- Sweet! Glad to hear that it was no big deal. Eh, I was just young and unmarried and traumatized by the whole thing with Ryan. If he had that done now, I'd probably just tell him to toughen up and forget about it. : ) I had no kids or other obligations to focus on then! Haha!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I had mine done, but wouldn't let them put me under due to anxiety about it. It wasn't fun for a day or two but after that I didn't even need motrin. I wonder if we go to the same dentist. I had the same experience a couple years ago and when I yelped she did not let up. Since then, it's been fine.

Anonymous said...

Sarah - you'll have to go visit your cousin Sue in Marquette - I know she'd never leave you hurting after cleaning your teeth! Patti I.