Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fabricated Dreams

I'm having serious fabric cravings right now. My stash is weary. I keep unfolding the same stacks of material- splaying it over the table, turning it around, trying it with this piece then that. And then folding it up again and stuffing it back into the cabinet. Those pieces may very well have much life left in them but they're begging for some bright new friends to revive them. So, I've been virtual window shopping- adding all kinds of make-me-smile prints to my shopping cart and never making the actual committal by clicking the checkout button. We're kind of limited in this area when it comes to fabric shopping so online bargain hunting it is.

But, it's not the same. I need to touch the colors imagining how they might blend, hold the heavy bolts of fabric up and dreamily stare at them for awhile while visions of what they will be float before my eyes. I like to walk down the rows of rich reds and blues and polka-dotted greens lined shoulder to shoulder and breathe them in. And oh, how shopping online does no justice where all of that is concerned. A point and a click just don't quite have the same effect. The enlarge option is great but there's no life-size option. The online design walls are intelligent for examining coordinating patterns, but they lack the thrill of stacking three bolts haphazardly across each other and seeing a bag. Or a dress. Or a baby blanket.

I just navigated away from the shopping cart page once again. I don't like when I can't see it in real living color. Still. Fabric shopping is a high. Even if it is the virtual window shopping kind.

{On another note: not sure what happened to the pictures when I changed the layout of this blog, but for now it's not letting me fix them. We'll see if I can readjust them another day. Blogger can be temperamental like that.}

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