Friday, February 12, 2010

Hannah Lou is Two

Well, this mom is slacking over here. As if that should come as a surprise to anyone, right? Nevertheless, here it is- my birthday post a day late for the big two year old girl in our house...

Miss Hannah you are our bright-eyed, mischeif-seeking, smiley little sweetheart. You have an agenda all of your own and you're always on the move to do what needs to be done next. I fear whatever might have been left undone by the two above you, will definetly be completed by you.

You love to dress up and lately you always have a hat on your head and boots on your feet. So much so you won't even let us take the hat off for bed. And while you're dressing up you always wave to us with a glint in your eye and say, "Buh-bye! To-you!" I'm quite certain what you're trying to say is "love you!" And we do love you, my dear. So much!

You climb up on the counters, empty out all the toys in your older sibling's room, pull all the blankets off the beds, and throw things in the toilet. And all with big-eyed innocence and a sweet little smile.

And yet... You are never too busy to stop to cuddle. To rest your head on my shoulder, tuck your hands between us, and wait for me to rub your back. I cherish these moments we share, cozy togehter in the rocking chair, before something new sparks your attention and you take off on your latest adventure.

And with each new adventure life brings your way, I hope you never grow too old for our quiet moments together. For little stolen hugs and sweet smiles. For laughter that comes so freely and happiness that radiates without reserve.

Happy Birthday, my dear Hannah. And yes, I promise- we will have a cake for you.

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