Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Morning

Well, after a fun and busy Fourth of July weekend with family I'm enjoying the quiet that a summer Monday morning brings. My kids finally got to sleep in this morning after a few late nights. They- and I- needed it. I'm feeling well rested.

I think after I get my fill of sitting around with my feet up- or when the coffee finally runs out- I'll get busy wading through the mess that's left from a whirlwind weekend of running back and forth to the camp. As my husband was getting ready for work this morning I head him say something along the lines of Could you please wash socks today? So, among other things laundry is high on my list today. The sky above me is gray right now, but I'm hoping that doesn't mean rain so I can utilize my still relatively new clotheslines.

I also need to get back to the studying today. It got put aside all weekend and my boards are quickly approaching. My husband passed his last week which has me really anxious to get them over with so I can quit thinking about them. It's always on the back of my mind these days.

Okay, one more cup of coffee and then I'm off to regaining some control around the masses of mess.

Enjoy your Monday!


Cami said...

Congrats to your husband on passing his boards! and good luck to you when you take them. I have yet to sign up to do mine...any advice?

Sarah said...

Cami- As far as studying goes I've just been doing lots of practice questions and reading the rationales. That's all Ryan did as well... So, hopefully the info will be in my brain somewhere when the time comes to retrieve it!!! :)

Do you have to take it before next school year? Our school requires us to pass the NCLEX-PN in the first try in order to go on this fall (otherwise you have to re-test but won't be able to get into the RN program until next year.)

Cami said...

Wow, talk about pressure! We don't even have to take the test if we don't want to...although they highly recommend it. I still need to apply for the test and wait to schedule it. I just started doing practice questions this past weekend. I hoping to get do that a few night a week and then on the weekends until I can take the test. Best of luck to you when you take the test!

Karen AMH said...

Yea for tomorrow, I'm excited to see you!